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Our Story


From Our Founder 

My first experience with healing herbs was with my mom's ginger tea. Freshly grated ginger boiled with water and poured into a mug. To this day, I haven't found anything in Western medicine that can cure tummy troubles better than ginger tea. When I encountered health issues in my teens, I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and found profound success with acupuncture and herbal remedies. I learned there is a whole, rich approach to healing and health different from what I knew, and I set out to study it myself. The recipes for our herbal-based Brow and Lash Serums are based on extensive research into how herbs are used in TCM. 

Ultimately, I want to share with you how powerful it feels when we beautify, restore, and enhance our patchy brows and weakened lashes using only healing botanicals and no chemicals!

In Solidarity

We stand in solidarity with Black, indigenous, and people of color in the United States and abroad. We believe in working toward a more equal and just future. Allyship is a way of life, and we are committed. To learn more about what we are doing to be better allies, or to learn more about how to become a better ally yourself, please see our Allyship Guide

What Clean Beauty Means to Us

To us, clean beauty means using ingredients we can celebrate, ones that transcend "toxin free." Every ingredient we use has the lowest possible rating on the Environmental Working Group scale, which measures the toxicity of cosmetic ingredients.

Our Serums

All of our serums are handmade in small batches, and our herbal extracts are made in-house, as well. We use traditional methods, meaning extracts take weeks to prepare before they are ready to be mixed to create our final formulas.

Our Commitment to You

We see self-care routines as a time for self-celebration and retreat. We aim to provide the best products to everyone who is looking to boost their brows and lashes, of all ages and genders.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We couldn’t make nontoxic beauty products without also considering toxins to the environment, so we use minimal, recyclable packaging to be kinder to the world around us.  

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you! We welcome all comments, questions, and stories at
Share your progress with us and the Circe community with #circebeauty. Find us @circe_beauty or see our instagram here.