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Ancient Wisdom, Powerful Results

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our formulas are adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with herbs used for centuries to boost hair health and growth. 

Each of our serums center around a proprietary blend of Yin-replenishing, blood-building herbs that nourish, restore, and enhance brows and lashes.  In TCM, hair is the excess of blood, so when we treat the blood, we are directly supporting hair growth. These herbs also work to increase the flow of qi to the brows and lash line, bringing attention to hairs and follicles. 

In Western terms, this means we are detoxifying the treated area and increasing blood flow and oxygen in our blood, all of which are necessary to awaken dormant hair follicles, encourage new hair growth, and amplify existing hair. Our herbs also combat the negative effects of stress, which can constrict blood supply through our capillaries and restrict the flow of oxygen and nutrients to follicles.

Restore and Regenerate

Because we're not working against your natural rhythms by using harsh chemicals or herbs that stimulate, we can help you achieve your best lashes and brows without irritation or negative side effects. Our serums will help you discover the incredible things your body and hair is capable of achieving!

Our Core Botanicals

Our botanicals have been honored for centuries for their restorative and beautifying effects on skin and hair. The powerful herbs we use in our core formula include:

Angelica Sinensis — Restores length of hair shaft and follicle size for healthier, thicker, longer hair

Cacumen Platycladi  Induces the anagen (growth) phase in resting hair follicles

Ecliptae Herba  Extends the growth phase for longer, denser hair

He Shou Wu  Encourages growth in resting hair follicles, restoring patchy areas due to plucking

Ginseng  Increases dermal papal cells, which makes hair healthier and more abundant

Ligustrum Fruit — Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for healthy growth

Rehmannia  Noticeably increases hair growth, hair density, and number of hair follicles

White Peony Root  Increases blood flow and transports nutrients for healthy growth





Cacumen Platycladi (Thuja Orientalis):
Ecliptae Herba :
He Shou Wu:
Ligustrum Fruit:
White Peony Root: