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1. What does "clean beauty" mean? 

Clean Beauty means beauty made from nontoxic ingredients. We like to go further. Instead of just avoiding the bad stuff, we've selected ingredients we can really get excited about. Nourishing, replenishing, and regenerating, our products upgrade any self-care routine. 

2. Where are you products made? 

Our products are handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA. 

3. Do you do any animal testing? 

Never. All of our ingredients have been tested on humans for centuries. We are proudly not involved in any animal testing. 

4. Are your products vegan? 

All ingredients are 100% vegan. 

5. Is your packaging sustainable? 

 Made of glass and recyclable plastic caps, our packaging is eco-friendly. We use minimal packaging to reduce paper waste, as well, which is why your bottle is hand-wrapped and not in a box. 

Our Team

6. How can I contact the Circe team? 

Please email us with your comments, concerns, and questions at 

7. How can I sell Circe in my store? 

Please contact us about wholesale options at 

8. Who should I contact about a press opportunity? 

Please contact us about press opportunities at