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Lash + Brow Serum Set


The Perfect Pair. 

Enhance your best feature with our both of our botanical serums. Made from highly concentrated extracts to encourage effortless growth in brows and lashes. 

  • Our Brow Serum: 
    Conditioning - Aloe and black sesame oil moisturize and soften for fluffy, full brows
    Thickening - High in silica, bamboo extract naturally thickens strands
    Stimulating - Cacumen essential oil, drynaria extract, and our core herbal blend gently reactivate dormant follicles for new growth
  • Our Lash Serum:
    Lengthening - Rice protein and peptides instantly lengthen lashes
    Thickening - Gagome kelp extract, high in hyaluronic acid, plump and hydrate lashes for healthy, thick strands
    Densifying - Ginseng, He Shou Wu, and False Daisy provide gently bring follicles into the growth phase, and keep them there for longer, so lashes appear full and robust 

Brow Serum Size: 4mL/.135 fl oz/3 month supply
Lash Serum Size: 3mL/.14 fl oz/3 month supply
See initial results in an average of 2 weeks,
see peak results in an average of 12 weeks.    

 Formulated without prostaglandins, silicones, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, and mineral oils.   



  • Can I use the Lash Serum morning and night?

    It can be inconvenient to apply the lash serum in the morning, which is why we recommend using the lash serum only at night. However, if you feel inclined to wait for the serum to dry in the morning before starting your day, you can absolutely apply in the morning if you'd like! 

  • What is the best way to apply the Lash Serum?

    For best results, apply lash serum along lash line and on lashes directly. We recommend applying lash serum as if you are applying mascara from the top. 

  • How long before I see results?

    See initial results in an average of 2 weeks. See peak results in an average of 12 weeks. 

    Even though two weeks is the average time, we want to share some nitty gritty details about timing, and what you should expect from your Lash and Brow Serums.⁠

    The growth cycle for lashes and brows is about 6 weeks. That means that even though you might see results at two weeks, it is by no means the end! The first 6 weeks will show you the most steady results. ⁠

    If you are recovering from lash damage, it might take one or two full cycles to restore your lashes. Don't lose hope though! After you get your lashes to where you want them, you can reduce use of the serum for maintenance purposes. ⁠

  • Can I use the Lash Serum if I have or want lash extensions?

    Yes. Our Lash Serum is oil-free, and totally safe and beneficial to use with lash extensions.