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What Chinese Face Reading Says About Your Brows

Posted by Sarah Moors on
Frida Kahlo eyebrow painting

What Chinese Face Reading Says About Your Brows

Chinese face reading has been used for thousands of years to help interpret a person’s character, as well as their past, present, and future. So what does Chinese face reading say about your brows? Let’s find out!

In general, eyebrows are the “organ of longevity” and are associated with many aspects of our lives, in particular our health and vigor. The brow bone is also important. The stronger the brow bone, the more dominance the person has or wants or asserts. 

Sometimes our eyebrows don’t match. According to TCM face reading, the left and the right sides of our faces represent different elements of our lives, and our face shows that.

The right side of your face is Yin and considered your public side. Because yin is receptive, this is the side of your face that adapts to your environment or societal expectations. The left side of your face is Yang and represents your internal self. This side may show elements you don’t readily recognize in yourself!

Meanwhile, the length of your eyebrows represents your social circle. A long eyebrow shows the capacity for lots of friends. A short eyebrow shows you are more particular about your friends, or keep a smaller friend group. 

On my face, my right eyebrow feels miles long, but my left eyebrow is short and sweet. It’s so true — while I’m friendly with everybody (societal expectations), I keep a small group of friends very close to me (me at my core).

Here are some other characteristics of eyebrows and their corresponding traits:


Arches determine the action orientation of a person. The stronger the arch, the more decisive a person will be. 


arched eyebrows
People who like to act quickly. The more balanced the arch, the more they consider all possibilities before taking action. Once they decide on something, they go for it. If it is just an upward slant, then these people really act fact and think on their feet. People with highly angular brows like to stay in control, have leadership qualities, and are sociable. 

Straight Eyebrows
straight eyebrows
People who take their time making decisions, and only act after much deliberation. They have high expectations of themselves and work best in positive environments with lots of encouragement. Generally, these folks need facts in order to be convinced of something, and don’t let emotions sway their decisions. 

Rounded and Curved
rounded eyebrows
Known as the “courtesan’s eyebrows.” It was the beloved eyebrow shape of the imperial palace, as emperors thought these brows signified a pleasant and attractive demeanor. Women with these eyebrows are very accommodating and charming and can handle difficult people. Possessors of courtesan’s eyebrows are more likely to cajole than demand when they want something. These are people-lovers, who like to understand and communicate on an emotional level. 


The position of the brows tells us about a person's temperament. 


Narrow-Set Eyebrows
narrow set eyebrows
These people dislike authority and prefer being their own boss. A unibrow is generally a bad sign, signifying a mind so active it may lead to insomnia. These folks may have to work hard to control their temper. 

Wide-Set Eyebrows
wide set eyebrows
Owners of these have a high tolerance for authority and would be a good fit for a corporate career. These folks are not prone to worry. 


High-Set Eyebrows
high set eyebrows
People with high-set eyebrows have strong pride and personal expectations and usually have strong boundaries, too. The are known as the "Queen's brows" and belong to people who have taste and aesthetic for beauty and luxury.


Low-Set Eyebrows
low set eyebrows
If eyebrows are close to the eye, this is called the “coach’s eyebrow.” These belong to friendly people who have high expectations for others. They get very involved with the people they are trying to mold.


Hair Density

Eyebrows are a feature of the wood element. Each hair are called "leaves of the tree" and represent the primal strength of the tree. 

bushy, full eyebrows
Bushier brows signify someone who is passionate and has a very active mind. Each "leaf" represents a new idea. For brows that are extra bushy and coarse:  the owner won’t take no for an answer and can even be domineering. 

thin eyebrows
Delicate eyebrow hair belongs to a more “go with the flow” personality. Thinner, more refined brows points to someone who is even-tempered and steadfast. They prefer to do things in a linear fashion and like to keep the peace. 

bushy eyebrows
If the brow hair tangles, this is called the “inventor’s brow” and belongs to people who are always thinking of solutions to new puzzles. These folks think outside the box, and have many different ideas swirling about, and want to see all sides of an issue to uncover hidden truths. These are the "Ms. Fix-it" personalities. 



Shape Details

Details in shape show us how well the owner is able to follow through.

Tapered Brows
tapered eyebrows
If the eyebrows taper, it means they have been “touched by fire,” which is a sign of artistic ability and strong sense of aesthetics. It might also mean they have trouble following through. 

eyebrows with reverse taper
Brows that start thin and become thicker signify someone who might be slow to start, but always follows through. These are people you can rely on, and who pay attention to detail. 
No Taper
full eyebrows with no taper
Brows that are the same from beginning to end show someone who is able to grasp concepts easily and thoroughly. They might even feel flustered when others aren't able to understand new concepts as easily. 



Brow Length

If eyebrow hair are the "leaves," then eyebrow length is the branch. The longer the branch, the more leaves can grow. The more leaves, the better the ability to make and keep friends. 

Short eyebrows
People with shorter eyebrows have an independent nature and want to do things on their own. These are people who rely on themselves.
long eyebrows
 Those with longer eyebrows have a bigger social circle. Long brows also signify a long life. This is considered an auspicious sign. 


Other Characteristics

eyebrows with fan
Brows that have hairs that go straight up at the start of the brow have what’s called a “fan.” Fans show a strong connection between your emotional side and your logical side. These people have an ability to see through illusions, and can spot problems easily. If the fan is on the right side, the person can see through public problems; in business, government, etc. If the fan is on the left side, you have extra insight into personal problems and can even predict problems in relationships. 
Rogue Hairs
eyebrows with scattered hairs
Single scattered hair around the brow represents an individual’s unique and separate interests. These people are drawn to an array of different topics and ideas, and may have trouble focusing on just one. 

invisible eyebrows
Those with seemingly nonexistent brows are natural James Bonds. They have the ability to get more information from other people than they give. They can easily blend in with the crowd, and they can hide their thoughts and emotions easily. 




Notes from Lillian Bridges's book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine.


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