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The Hair Growth Cycle and You

Posted by Sarah Moors on
The Hair Growth Cycle and You

While lashes, brows, and scalp hair grow at different rates, they all follow the same growth cycle, outlined below. Oh, and all those herbs we mention are found in our lash and brow serums. Convenient!

Anagen — This is the growth phase, it usually lasts between 30 to 45 days. The longer the anagen phase, the longer the hair itself will be. For lashes, we definitely want to extend this phase. For sparse brows, we want to encourage this phase in dormant hair follicles.

Ginseng and Cacumen Platycladi induce the anagen phase of hair.

Catagen This phase is a short period of time when the hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the skin. 

Telogen Hair sheds in the telogen phase and the follicle “rests,” so no hair grows. Some herbs, like ecliptae herba and he shou wu, shorten this phase, which increases hair density. Angelica sinensis promotes regrowth. 

Once the resting period is over, hair begins to grow again and the cycle starts anew. 

If you’re recovering from lash treatments that may have caused your lashes to prematurely fall out, your lashes would most likely benefit from some good old fashioned R&R. Rehmannia, he shou wu, and privet fruit are powerful, restorative herbs that can replenish lashes that have been through trauma.

When we pluck or pull our brows from the root, sometimes the follicle doesn’t return to the anagen phase on its own. This is why we use herbs, like cacumen platycladi, that induce the anagen phase no matter how long it’s been dormant.

If you’ve experienced health issues related to your thyroid or other hormones, it’s possible it might take longer to get your dream brows. Don’t give up! With time, you can get the amazing brows you want.

Want to learn more about our botanicals? Take a peek at our lash serum and our brow serum here!

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