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Ancient Wisdom, Powerful Results

Our formulas are adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with herbs used for centuries to boost hair health and growth. 

We use a proprietary blend of Yin-replenishing, blood-building herbs that awaken dormant hair follicles, encourage new growth, and conditions existing hair. 

Our restorative ingredients operate in harmony with the natural state of your hair and follicles to help you achieve your best lashes and brows without irritation or negative side effects.


I’ve been using this little bottle of brow serum at night and it noticeably thickened my patchy brows in 4 weeks with its active botanicals.

My ma however, was an “overplucker” in the 70’s/80’s and her brows just never really filled back in. And then in the 90’s she cinged her eyelashes off with an unfortunate bonfire incident (LOL) leaving her with very short eyelashes that also never grew back. Enter Circe Serums. She started using the serums about 6 weeks ago, applying every night religiously, and her eyelashes are BACK.

This serum has been amazing. This is the first one I've used that all natural. I was in last week and got my lashes done and my lash artist said, "Wow. Your lashes are really growing. They are a lot thicker, they are a lot stronger." And she was able to put on lashes that were a step up.

Made with natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty and toxic free - they have really helped to fill in my patchy eyebrows and strengthen my lashes - I’ve totally seen a difference and think this may be the new serums winner for lashes and brows!